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Photo-engraving and multichromy
Conseil de photogravures-multichromieConseil de photogravures-multichromieConseil de photogravures-multichromie

The image processing to the printing packaging

Photo engraving


Unlike most of his colleagues, COVEPA-MICHELS decided to integrate photo engraving in the manufacturing process of its prepress department


Our complete mastery of the graphic chain allows us to guarantee monitoring and responsiveness tailored to the needs of our customers:

Selected lacquer

Finishing varnish of packaging

Packaging must return with force the messages and image of our clients.

Their visibility and impact can be magnified by specific varnish...

To combat counterfeiting

COVEPA-MICHELS solves your problems of counterfeit and plagiarism

Some of our clients have been victims of counterfeiting. They have suffered significant loss of markets, were at risk of degradation of their image.


We are able to integrate on packaging during manufacture specific codifications and impossible to forge to ensure full traceability and product protection.

One inject marking
Marquage jet d'encreMarquage jet d'encre

Marking unit inkjet for games and Promotion

Our glue lines are equipped with systems to print online, and from a secure data base alphanumeric codes for the production of promotional activities, games or lottery.


We ensure traceability if needed.

Packaging with wrap case

Case Packing carton material wrap box

COVEPA MICHELS integrated set of constraints related to the use of packaging for its customers.



Supply Chain Management
Management de la Supply ChainManagement de la Supply Chain

The importance of the planning process in COVEPA-MICHELS

Our planning process and contractual obligations of our suppliers guarantee our customers feedstock availability tailored to their needs and independent of market fluctuations.


The scheduling rules, and management of our capabilities, give us the flexibility and responsiveness necessary to provide our customers the level of service they need.

Des Barquettes adaptésDes Barquettes adaptés

Creating trays 4 corners glued and mounted

COVEPA-MICHELS has developed a range of trays 4 corners glued for pastry and poultry suitable for direct food contact.


Training trays from a matrix made to measure offer us different shapes and sizes


Drinks packaging
Pack BoissonsPack Boissons

Creating packaging for beverages

With a long collaboration with a leading beverage package in the world, and proven experience in mechanization,COVEPA MICHELS today is an alternative to proposed by international groups integrated solutions binding machine and cardboard for packaging bottles, boxes and cans


Inventor of a patented solution packs bottles with cardboard reinforced handle, which allows the reduction of cardboard weights COVEPA MICHELS offers innovative solutions in this market



Council in mechanization and improved performance

In 1991 the acquisition of Michels Corporation, which specializes in mechanized packaging and steamers Micacel designer gave birth to the Company COVEPA MICHELS. . Our teams with real skills in mechanization have perpetuated and developed over the years through close partnerships with the most recognized in the Food industry...


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