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Design and development
Conseil de mecanisationConseil de mecanisationConseil de mecanisationConseil de mecanisation

The creation of bespoke packaging

Our engineering expert design packages that meet the demands of our customers. They rely on the answers in the interactive questionnaire, which collects customer expectations, the characteristics of product to be packed, and the various constraints to be taken into account (type of mechanization, environment, storage conditions …)

Equipped with Artioscad software and a graph plotter,they study and propose different solutions and provide representative samples of the final package for implementation in a real situation and allow our customers to advance their reflections.

Discussions, project reviews, prototypes, pre-series are then implemented to select and finalize the technical choices and stages of industrialization.


Eco Design Source

Development of ecological solutions to the source

Going well beyond the regulatory , COVEPA-MICHELS measured the issue of eco-design process, combining environmental respect, economic and industrial performance


measured the issue of eco-design process,...

Printing workshop at Covepa - Michels .

Printing workshop at Covepa - Michels .

Our machine park is composed by two offset presses last generation , 100x140 70x100 sizes.


We can make prints in 6 colors (or more through the use of polychrome) in vegetable inks, low odor, low migration and various acrylics and UV varnish).


The GIPLINK links with prepress and the on-line control ink density deposited on piece of paper of each printing unit ensures fidelity tests and print quality from the first sheet and for the whole production.



Cutting sketches to create packaging

Cutting workshop consists of 3 autoplatines and a workshop of preparation and tools maintenance.

We work in continuous printing on 70x100 and 100x140 sizes.


Our mastery in the design, manufacture and preparation of tools combined with the skills of our operators allow us to master the advanced finishing techniques (embossing, spout, easy opening, braille ...) and to optimize the qualities of grooves directly link to the TRS of the packaging machines of our customers

The Completion, bonding and packaging
Le Parachèvement, collage et conditionnement COVEPA-MICHELSLe Parachèvement, collage et conditionnement COVEPA-MICHELSLe Parachèvement, collage et conditionnement COVEPA-MICHELSLe Parachèvement, collage et conditionnement COVEPA-MICHELSLe Parachèvement, collage et conditionnement COVEPA-MICHELS

The completion Workshop, bonding and packaging

Equipped with 4 splicers, COVEPA-MICHELS (straight legs, remborde boxes, 4 and 6 corner glued, integrated handles, integrated spouts, automatic funds, pouches and other special collages ....)


A machine for removing windows allows us to assert our presence on products and segments corresponding markets.


Conditioning workshop can process orders shipped flat cutouts on pallets according to the specific requirements of each customer (direct wire, crating ....)


Storage and distribution
Sécurité de management et performanceSécurité de management et performanceSécurité de management et performance

Storage and distribution from our logistics platform

COVEPA-MICHELS Packaging features a logistics platform, fully equipped with storage racks, with a capacity of 3,500 pallets All finished products are stored on a site in suitable conditions to ensure the preservation and integrity of products.


Our logistics manager (storage – distribution), receives your delivery calls via the sales administration team, and ensures the delivery of goods in accordance with your needs.


Our central geographic location, directly connected to the motorway network, allows us to guarantee delivery within 24/48 hours on the whole territory.



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