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Responsible approach

Our responsible Approach


Security manufacturing packaging

Carbon footprint

An evolutionary approach

Conscious of its role and obligations vis-à-vis future generations and its impact on the environment COVEPA-MICHELS is involved in a process to assess its impact on the environment, it is in this context it has established in 2009 its Carbon footprint ADEME






Bilan Carbonne

Current certification in COVEPA MICHELS

Food security is a concern and a growing requirement for all of our customers


It is in this context that COVEPA-MICHELS established for many years a prevention approach for ensuring the proper maintenance of machinery and premises, protection against rodents, the mastery of contamination risks. Appropriate rules of hygiene and behavior have also been implemented in the company.


Since January 2013 the company has standardized its printing process and uses only inks with low migration, low odor, comply with the rules governing the risk of migration.


Faced with stricter requirements in this area, to support its development and secure its clients COVEPA-MICHELS implemented a process improvement that will allow him to obtain the qualification in 2013 BRC / IOP certification audit is planned in December 2013.

Total Quality Policy
Politique Qualité Totale

Commitments of COVEPA MICHELS for quality

The General Directorate of the company COVEPA-MICHELS said in September 2013 the axes of its commitment to quality, safety and the environment that form the framework of the process responsible for the company.


As part of its responsible approach COVEPA-MICHELS Company acquired many labels and certificates which reflect the seriousness of his commitment and efficiency of its organization


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ISO 9001
ISO 9001

A certified quality management

COVEPA MICHELS long been recognized as a provider offering guests a high level of qualityis constantly working to improve its processes and has implemented a continuous improvement process that involved all staff.


The quality department structured around two poles:

Product quality
Quality system and continuous improvement


Oversees the deployment of this process within the company. The entire staff has been trained to auto control, and use fully computerized documentation system. All checks entered on line in real time ensure traceability at every stage of manufacturing.


This approach and rigor have been recognized by obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate (2008 version) in June 2012

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Green print
Label Imprim Vert

The creation of packaging and the respect of environment

Aware of their role and obligations vis-à-vis future generations and its impact on the environment, COVEPA MICHELS was involved in an ecological development meets the requirements of Label Imprim'Vert obtained in 2009




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